Ori Under Way

Sailing the world one step at a time

About sailing, explore the world and searching for adventure.

Come join us as we prepare to live aboard our 42 ft. Jeanneau sailing yacht.


Hi from us,

Melanie and Freek. We love sailing. Our big plan is to live aboard a sailboat and explore the world. To achieve that, we have years of preparation in front of us. In December 2023, we took the biggest step yet and bought ourselves a 42 ft. Jeanneau Voyage sailing yacht, Ori. She is from 1988 and needs quite some work until she is ready to explore with us. In the coming years we will fix her up, gain more sailing experience, and try to tick off a long list of certificates, skills and knowledge. We make enough mistakes from which we learn, we have to figure everything out down to the last detail and we are happy to share this knowledge with everyone who has the same dream or wants to dream with us.

Latest sailing steps